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LCD Soundsystem Brings Some Daft Funk to the Big Apple

Sailing on the release of sophomore album Sound of Silver, LCD Soundsystem sent a sold-out audience into fits of sweaty moshing at the Bowery Ballroom Friday night (March 30). The dynamic dance punkers, fronted by DFA mastermind James Murphy’s bouncing, soaring vocals, mixed body-movers from both discs into the setlist. Songs such as the distortion-heavy “Tribulations” and the amped-up standout “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” (here given a facelift for a lighter, almost bossa nova beat), both from 2005’s self-titled effort, shook the crowd, but it was a track from Silver that rattled the band hardest. During the spacey “Get Innocuous!”, drummer Pat Mahoney’s heavy hammering blew out his kick drum. “Radiohead doesn’t have another kick drum,” joked Murphy, as the kit was refitted with a spare between songs. “That’s the American way…you roll with two, you buy two of EVERYTHING.” At last, an upside to being “North American Scum”! BRIANA MOWREY / PHOTOS BY DAVE GUSTAV

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We asked: LCD Soundsystem’s latest album features a song titled, “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”. What do you love about the Big Apple, and what about the city brings you down?