Klaxons, Dinosaur Jr., Voxtrot Support Indie Radio

Urban Outfitters and Toyota have teamed for the Free Yr Radio tour, a 13-date in store outing tapping indie rock bands like Klaxons, Dinosaur Jr., and Voxtrot to help raise funds for independent and college radio stations. The tour, kicking off April 15 at Chicago’s Urban Outfitters with a performance by Brit new-ravers Klaxons, will also see the Rapture, Long Winters, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Rogue Wave, and Annuals descend on the rag-ridden isles of select Urban Outfitters locations.

Each of the performances, some of which are yet-to-announced, will be co-presented beside a local non-commercial radio station who will reap benefits from the campaign, as well as acquire monies from the sale of Free Yr Radio, a compilation album dropping at the tour’s conclusion. In addition, the co-presenting radio station will be issued a Toyota Yaris to give away to one lucky listener. Participating radio stations include: WLUW (Chicago), KTRU (Houston), KEXP (Seattle), Y-Rock On XPN (Philadelphia), KZSC (Santa Cruz), 89.3 The Current (Minneapolis), WERS (Boston), WKNC (Raleigh/Durham), WBWC (Cleveland) and KGNU (Boulder).

Free Yr Radio tour dates:

4/15, Chicago, IL (Klaxons)
4/24, Lawrence, KS (The Ponys)
4/28, Houston, TX (Voxtrot)
5/1, Seattle, WA (Long Winters)
5/9, Raleigh, NC (Annuals)
5/21, Philadelphia, PA (The Rapture)
5/25, Santa Cruz, CA (Rogue Wave)
6/5, Minneapolis, MN (Tapes ‘N Tapes)
6/11, Boston, MA (Dinosaur Jr.)
TBD, Los Angeles, CA
TBD, Boulder, CO
TBD, Cleveland, OH
TBD, New Haven, CT

>> Listen to Klaxons on Napster
>> Listen to Dinosaur Jr. on Napster
>> Listen to Voxtrot on Napster

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