Of God and Science Experiments With Rhythm-Driven Genre-Bending

A band name like Of God and Science seems at first to be an oxymoron, but a listen to this New Mexico-based quartet’s music shows how apt it is, considering their relative ease in straddling different (sometimes opposing) sounds. Tracks like “America’s Queen” seem steeped in dive bar country rock and blues while more subdued offerings like “Drift Alone” channel a solo Blake Sennet from Rilo Kiley, heavy on charm and nimble plucking skills. Adding to the genre-confounding mix, “5’7″” opens with trance-inducing experimentation (think post-Bends Radiohead), all eerie organs and driving percussion. Of God and Science’s eponymous debut arrives May 1 on Detach. BRIANA MOWREY

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Talk: Does “5’7″” stand tall?


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