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Diplo Dips Into Baile Funk with Bonde do Role

Rodrigo Gorky, Pedro D’eyrot, and Marina Vello are turning Portugese playfully profane, to the delight of the dancefloor masses. The trio, known as Bonde Do Role, hails from Curitiba, Brazil and kicks out baile funk rhymes about teenage Brazilian office boys and a gay James Bond (“James Bonde”) in a Portuguese sub-dialect called Pajuba. Produced by DJ Diplo, the single “Solta O Frango” starts with some hip-hop hiccupping before launching into kicky drums and an MC flow so sassy you’d mistake Marina for fellow Diplo-dubbed baile babe M.I.A.

But don’t just take our word for it. “Bonde Do Role is like diggin through the garbage in Brazil and using the pieces and making a club mess turned up the volume plus 10,” Diplo himself has said. “It’s like death samba metal bass with Cooledit Pro, cause I already played out that novo Beastie Boys thing.” Bonde Do Role’s debut full-length album …With Lasers is available now through iTunes and is set to stun on June 5 with a Domino Records release.

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Bonde Do Role at Domino Records

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