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Bill O’Reilly vs. Geraldo Rivera

Last night (April 5), Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera engaged in a heated bout of verbal warfare on The O’Reilly Factor, debating a fatal drunken driving incident involving an illegal immigrant. The argument focused on issues surrounding 22-year-old Alfredo Ramos, an illegal Mexican immigrant with three previous alcohol-related convictions, who is responsible for the deaths of two teenagers killed in Virginia Beach in an automobile crash resulting from Ramos’ drunk driving.

O’Reilly, standing characteristically conservative, referred to the mayor of Virginia Beach as a “villain” for not fulfilling his duties to deport Ramos, stating that the accident and subsequent deaths should have been avoided. But Rivera maintains the “immigrant” aspect is beside the point, accusing O’Reilly of making a “cheap political point” — obviously O’Reilly sternly disagreed.

Following the broadcast the web exploded with debate as bloggers sounded off, taking sides, debating the issues at hand, and logging their opinions on whom they felt left with the upper hand.

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Here’s what bloggers have to say about O’Reilly and Geraldo’s fiery argument:

“O’Reilly is right. To answer Rivera’s question, it would be the same problem if the guy’s last name was “Raminsky”. It doesn’t matter what country a person is from, the law is clear. He should have been deported when it was discovered he was an illegal alien after the first incident. All anyone is asking people who want to live in this country to do is go through the immigration process. That’s not an unreasonable request. Mexican immigration policy is tougher and more strictly enforced than ours. Nobody remembers that.” — Tom,

“I think I may all of the sudden be a die-hard Geraldo fan.” — Martin,

“I was waiting for the chairs to start flying!! They freaking LOST it…I did agree with Bill though” — Garpin,

“You just know they had the best make-up sex after the show. You just know it.” —

“Here’s the deal with Bill O’Reilly. His logic is almost always skewed and inherently false, yet he conjures images of “family” and “morality” to invoke constructs of a “by-gone era,” inducing empathy and eventually agreement from his followers, at the expense of logic. Bill, to me, is nothing more than a glory-hound.” — Max,

“I’m on O’Reilly’s side with this. The man should have been deported.” —

Talk: Who do you side with: O’Reilly or Rivera?