Bill Callahan Returns to NYC

NYC’s finest found themselves crazy in love with Bill Callahan Friday evening (March 30) as the former Smog troubadour took to the stage at the Paris Bar for a special, invite-only performance sponsored by Fader magazine, in celebration of issue no. 45. Fans sat on the floor with eyes closed, packing the room past capacity, in rapt silence as the sparks flew between Fader cover boy Callahan and his lady love Joanna Newsom. And as a man once famous for finding release through assaulting acoustic guitar and touching lyrical deaths, the light-hearted Callahan delivered a cheerful finger-picked set complete with honky-tonk piano provided by Newsom and Jim White’s brushed drums. Newsom tucked her feet under her on the piano bench like a playful child as Callahan crooned through new songs from his forthcoming solo album, Woke a Whale Heart. Smog favorites such as “Bathysphere,” To Be of Use” and “Hit the Ground Running” also made the cut, sounding just as warm and light as the evening itself. LAVINIA WRIGHT / PHOTOS BY JAY CHEN

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We asked: Which two musicians would do you think would make the ultimate indie rock power couple?


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