Bands Drop Skinny on Pixies Tribute

They Might Be Giants and the Rosebuds are among artists interpreting Pixies tunes on Dig for Fire: A Pixies Tribute, slated to hit store shelves November 13 via indie imprint American Laundromat. Dinosaur Jr. frontman J. Mascis, Mogwai, British Sea Power, and OK Go have also chosen yet-to-be revealed tracks to be translated for the project. Since the label has yet to release a tracklisting for the album, caught up with a few of the contributing acts to uncover which songs were selected and why.

Ivan Howard, the male half of North Carolina-based indie rock duo the Rosebuds, revealed to that they will cover “Break my Body” from the Pixies’ 1988 album, Surfer Rosa. “When we were approached about doing the covers album, I thought about what we would want to sing, and I always ended up singing that guitar lead!” Howard told “Also the girl/boy vocals in the chorus are great. When we started looking closer at the words and arrangement it tuned out the words are really sexy so it gave us other options of how the song could be sung and recorded. Now Kelly [Crisp] and I are fighting over who gets to sing lead.”

Geeky, child-educating rockers They Might Be Giants, meanwhile, have selected “Havalina,” a tune from 1990’s sonic departure Bossanova. “‘Havalina’ is an example of a kind of Pixies song that seems underappreciated, and there was some elbow room for interpretation in covering it,” the band’s John Flansburgh told

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