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Zincs Get ‘Juvenile’

Despite its title, Chicago quartet the Zincs, helmed by British ex-pat James Elkington, aren’t getting all rockabilly on their third album, Black Pompadour. In fact, the band is less interested in soundtracking a Marlon Brando or James Dean flick than they are in providing the musical accompaniment to a late-night meeting between Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen in some smoky lounge. “Hamstrung and Juvenile” boasts the sounds that have served the Zincs on their past efforts, and on it, a droning organ is layered with a haunting sax and Elkington’s brooding baritone. Meanwhile, Edith Frost’s enchanting backup vocals bring, as she coos, “some rays of daylight to radiate this tune.” Black Pompadour will be swept over heads nationwide March 20 thanks to Thrill Jockey.

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