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Young Love Even Gets the Dust to Dance

Headlining a U.S. tour and riding the high of Young Love’s debut album release, Too Young to Fight It, frontman Dan Keyes hit the stage at Bowery Ballroom last night ready to impress, and did just that. Keyes and members of his back-up band were dressed like they’d come from a rehearsal dinner or ditched a day of boarding school, but their dapper attire didn’t stop them from getting down. The sea of bouncing baseball caps and swinging ponytails grooved their way through “Discotech,” “Too Young to Fight It,” and “Find a New Way,” as the front row clawed for Keyes’ kneecaps. Under the blanket of dizzying lights there wasn’t a still set of legs in the crowd, even the dust was dancing. As Keyes dripped with the efforts of his energy, he made one last rally as he closed out the night, “This is our last chance to move. Let’s fucking move in here!” Dance mission accomplished. KRISTINA ENSMINGER / PHOTOS BY LINDSAY BROWN

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