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The Trashies

Who? Seattle’s the Trashies features Jesse Cody on keys, Ricky Trash on drums, Ron “Wolfman” on guitar/vocals, and Billy Brownnote on bass. What Makes a Man Get Trashed, out April 15 on Mortville Records, follows their 2006 debut, Life Sucks Trash Fuck. The band is currently touring the U.S. and will appear at SXSW on March 16.

What’s the Deal? With twelve songs in about twenty minutes, one gets the sense that the Trashies went in to the studio with an hour of material, but only paid for half the time. Instead of cutting output, they doubled the speed, and that’s a good thing. Claustrophobic opener “Innumerate, Illiterate” plunges into a basement punk show while “In the Gutter Together” finds sweetness in screaming. “Let It Be Trashed,” with its psychedelic guitar riffs, sounds like the Doors had Jim Morrison had discovered speed instead of mysticism.

Fun Fact: In their press release, the band (“miscreants of a northwest trashcore dreamworld”) describes their record as “a cruel ruse to blow your earasuarus’ into a monoshock mindfuck” and a “corn cobbed fartgasm.” This was e-mailed, and cannot be tested for drug residue. JEFFREY PARKER

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Talk: Are the Trashies a treasure or trash?

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