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SXSW Photo Recap

To say we asked a lot of our SXSW photographers is a vast understatement. While our writers could scurry into the pack and scribble their notes, our lensmen had to bully through to the front of the stage to bring you the stunning images we’ve been posting all weekend. After some hours of shut-eye and (hopefully) some non-taco-based sustenance, our two diehard shutterbugs — Chad Wadsworth and Eric Uhlir — collected their thoughts and JPEG files:

As a photographer assigned to shoot 4 days worth of SXSW acts, the question I’m asked most is, “What has your favorite show been?” The trouble is, after 13 hours of sleep over three nights, it is tough to reach back and sort the truly amazing from the just plain amazing. Cold War Kids blew me away with their soulful, energetic set at the Schubas/Spin party while personal favorites Midlake powered through a challenging sound mix to deliver the goods. Kings of Leon rocked me not once, but twice, and the Pipettes had better file their restraining order against me now. Ghostface Killah and Rakim — enough said. But nothing could prepare me for the ass kicking of a Stooges set. I decided to forego the photo pit and put myself in the action, which at times was a decision severely regretted. My favorite photo must be of Iggy giving me the double bird. I imagine this was retribution for my hand almost choking him when he jumped on my head. Seriously, Iggy, it was merely self-defense, and I will forward proceeds from the “I choked Iggy Pop T-shirts” I’ve got ordered. CHAD WADSWORTH

After attending SXSW for the last few years, it has never ceased to surprise, like a six-year-old who’s allowed to dress himself. Industry big wigs, hangers-on, and music fans pack every available square foot of the city to take in the explosive energy created by a critical mass of bands from all over the globe. I had so many favorite shows, but when forced to choose it comes down to a tie between Snow Patrol (technically during the interactive part of SXSW) and Scanners. Snow Patrol delivered such a compelling and energetic set that it’s impossible not to be drawn in by their passion. Stumbling on their set at Beauty Bar while looking for another band, Scanners was the kind of happy accident that makes SXSW such an awesome adventure. Fronted by a raucous female lead singer (Sarah) and a scorching female lead guitarist (Amina), they were a refreshingly feminine jolt of London pop in a festival of bands that can sometimes be dominated by the boys. The icing on the cake? Being asked by Tom Morello to take his new MySpace picture. How cool is that? ERIC UHLIR

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