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News Artist of the Year: It’s Over!’s Artist of the Year tournament, which has pitted 32 bands against each other over three weeks of no holds barred competition, has finally come to an end. As of Friday (March 9) at 12 P.M. EST, voting closed on the ultimate indie rock death match between Boston’s own Boys Like Girls and Alabama-bred five-piece the Rewinds. And when all was said and done, the heated competition accumulated nearly 40,000 votes. Currently, is inspecting each and every ballot carefully to ensure all votes are accounted for and that no digital chads are left hanging. Be sure to check back tomorrow (Wed.) at 5 P.M. to see if your pick will be crowned as the Artist of the Year!

>> Visit our Artist of the Day homepage for all the results so far.

Talk: Which band do you think will be crowned the Artist of the Year?