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Speed Painting with Ketchup and French Fries

Speed painting has hit the web with a splatter. As previously reported (read more), a handful of time-lapse videos depicting artworks in the making have shot up’s rankings, and now, one artist’s twist has been crowned as the web’s most viewed video. While other speed painting bits depict famous musicians or voluptuous starlets, this particular video illustrates Super Size Me star Morgan Spurlock alongside fast food icon Ronald McDonald, both painted using only ketchup and McDonald’s french fries. Beginning as a mess of amateurish forms strewn across the canvas, the portrait takes shape in the final stages, as the artist etches facial features in amazing detail and form — an amazing feat considering the medium and utensil employed to create such an artwork.

As scores of bloggers view the YouTube video, some praise the painstaking attention to detail and craft, while some pass it off as an incredible waste of time. But others, the clever and humorous, weight in on the odd combination of art and America’s fast food king.

Now Watch This:

“That is so creative and funny! Going to McDonalds would be a trip with you!” — Slawek6911

“Didn’t your mom teach you not to play with your food.” — threebrothersproject

“Pretty sad wastin’ 50 minutes of your life paintin’ a picture with french fries and sauce.” — turkanuggle

“Damn, how I wish I had 1/10 the talent as this dude. Nice job, sicko!” — Bodycracker

“Glorifying drugs is never a good thing.” — Yellowcatz

“Wow, imagine what he could do with a whole happy meal.” — Ruthodanort

Talk: A work of art or a total mess? A waste of time or time well spent? Where do you stand?