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She Wants Louis’ ‘Revenge’

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but if that’s the case, surely “They” haven’t heard the hot sounds of Louis Schefano. Schefano (now joining the likes of Madonna, Prince and Cher by recording under just the name Louis) used to beat the drums for Remy Zero and Little Red Rocket, but his forthcoming solo album proves he’s as potent as front and center force. “Freak Show Revenge” showcases the percussion’s metronome-like precision, but just when it starts to feel standard, meandering and fuzz-filled guitars fill in the ticking. Louis will take his Freak Show Revenge on the Stereophonic Records label in April.

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Louis – “Freak Show Revenge” DOWNLOAD MP3

Talk: Did you like getting freaky, or do you want revenge against Louis?

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