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RJD2 Not So Disconnected

With a host of glitchy electro beats, ’70s prog rock piano, and heavy metal-like power chords, RJD2’s set last night at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta was a dance-tastic evening with all the trimmings. L.A rapper Busdriver, with his giddy enthusiasm, gunfire-like rhymes, got the party started with his rousing sing-song cut “Let’s Make Friends.” RJD2, who looked less like a world-renowned DJ and more like a preppy version of author James Fry, hit the stage with a three-piece band, delivering head-bopping standouts such as “You Never Had It So Good” and “Bad Penny,” both from his latest album, Third Hand.

Mid-show, RJD2 hit the decks while projected images of Brazil provided a hypnotic backdrop. He seemed to be having as much fun as his throng of onlookers, too, thus manning a video camera with one hand and working the beat sequencer with the other. While his eccentric pop sound is often reminiscent of B-movie action sequences (“Beyond the Beyond,” “Disconnected”), RJD2’s eclectic bag of tricks made for a funky night out. DAMON SGRIGNOLI / PHOTOS BY ALEXI STRISH

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