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‘Nevermind’ Undergoes Dance Interpretation

Nirvana’s sleek masterpiece, Nevermind, has hit the stages of the band’s hometown once again, but this time as Never-Mind, a dance interpretation of the famous record and its author’s life by Seattle’s Spectrum Dance Theatre. The show, organized by The Color Purple director Donald Byrd, debuted last weekend at Seattle’s Moore Theatre, a venue Nirvana was quite familiar with. But that’s not all the two Rain City-based projects have in common. “The studio is less then a mile from Kurt and Courtney’s old house,” Spectrum Studio Manager Shirley Wong told “Courtney used to bring Frances here for dance classes.”

Described by the Seattle Times as an exploratory show illustrating “Kurt Cobain’s life, drug addiction, sexual confusion, fame, and suicide” via “spot-on grunge-rock costumes,” varying dance choreography, and, of course, a kick ass soundtrack, Never-Mind‘s dancers also fit nicely into the grunge mold. “We have one dancer who, it was a little freaky, she died her hair quite blond and looked like a spitting image of Courtney Love,” Wong said.

Although no future performances are yet scheduled, Wong feels confident that Never-Mind‘s overwhelming response will spawn additional shows. “It went really well…usually what happens with Spectrum is we premier something and then we bring it back and tweak it a bit, and with the response we will probably showcase it again.”

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