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Mother Mother

Who? Five-piece from Vancouver, BC that started in early 2005 when vocalist/guitarist Ryan Guldemond recruited his sister Molly and college buddy Debra-Jean Creelman to flesh out the harmonies on some songs he’d been working on. After briefly touring as a threesome, they bulked up by adding drummer Kenton Loewen and bassist Jeremy Page. Mother Mother’s unique sound got the attention of Last Gang Records (Metric, Death From Above 1979), who released Touch Up on February 27.

What’s the Deal? Touch Up ranges from staccato bursts of energy (the joyously manic “Tick Talk”) to tight circling harmonies (“Polynesia,” “Oh Ana”). Each track is executed with a genre-defying audacity, a winking sense of humour, or a combination of the two. Meanwhile, the Guldemonds and Creelman sing as though they live happily in each other’s frontal lobes; excitement seems to spring from one’s anticipation of what the other two will sing next. All told, Mother Mother are at their best when they’re hyper aware of their uniqueness, as on the propulsive title track or the cabaret pop of “Love and Truth.”

Fun Fact: Mother Mother didn’t always see double-when they released their self-titled debut in 2005, they were known simply as Mother. Another band with the same moniker complained, forcing them to repeat themselves. KAITLIN FONTANA

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