Minilogue’s ‘Hitchhiker’s Choice’ Music Video

Swedish artist Kristofer Strom probably had no idea of the effect his work on techno duo Minilogue’s “Hitchhiker’s Choice” music video would have across the blogosphere. By using a just a whiteboard and a kaleidoscope of colored pens, Strom constructed a stop-motion animation depicting landscapes, animals, humans, and everything in between, continually morphing in rhythm and subsequently unleashed hype to the farthest reaches of the web.

Strom’s creation, consistently rated by as one of the web’s most viewed videos in recent weeks, has entertained nearly one million viewers via YouTube and perplexed a large percentage of them.

Moving at a swift pace as each frame morphs into another, the video leaves viewers little time to grasp images and has left thousands across the web in pure awe, questioning how such a feat is possible sans technological aid. But it’s true! Strom employed only a camera, a handful of pens, and an immense amount of free time and ingenuity. Enjoy!

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Here’s what YouTubers are saying about the “Hitchhiker’s Choice” music video:

“I can’t understand how it works.” — akal70

“Epic…purely phenomenal. How long did it take for you to complete this masterpiece? Five Stars.” — IixDylanII

“That’s a lot of ink wasted.” — 9a3eed

“This is brilliant! What wild imagination! It looks like something Norman McLaren or George Dunning could have done, or perhaps should have done because this is just as good!” — richiepiep

“Wow, I wish I could have some of whatever you’re tripping on.” — gyrofalc0n

“How many pieces of paper did it take?” — Henningwilhelmi

“How do u do that?” — fatphl72

“Wow, that was [email protected] How long did that take? That was so cool! Love the crazy pictures.” — Mirrorwind

On the Web:
Kristofer Strom at Ljudbilden & Piloten

Talk: Strom’s animation: absolutely amazing or not so impressive?


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