Michael Jackson’s Vegas Robot

The life and times of singer Michael Jackson is a turbulent, never-ending loop of bizarre occurrences. And earlier this week, Jackson’s typically odd realm took an absurd turn even the most seasoned followers couldn’t believe. The 48-year-old artist now wants Las Vegas promoters, who are seeking to lure him in for a performance residency, to construct a 50-foot robotic version of himself that will roam the desert. Here’s the kicker: It will fire laser beams.

Promoters hope the robot will be visible from airplanes thus notifying, or frightening, visitors of the singer’s performances. And things are on the up and up so far, many reports say Jackson is pleased by the initial robot renderings. But while the proposal comes across as absolutely ridiculous, many bloggers are weighing in, slowly remembering that this is indeed the Michael Jackson. And although he may not call Neverland Ranch home any longer, it’s his ‘castle in the sky’ spirit lives on within him.

Here’s what bloggers have to say about Michael Jackson’s 50-foot robot:

“Ok, I knew Michael Jackson is a total freak, and a pedophile to boot, but what the fuck, seriously…” — itsacam, itsascam.livejournal.com

“He never ceases to be entirely ridiculous. His music was good back in the day.” — Chris, iheartbuckeyes.blogspot.com

“Dude, give Mike a break. If I was rich, I would have a fuckin’ platoon of robots made after me! The guy has a dream. Remember who’s makin’ it come true — not Michael, he doesn’t build robots. He just comes up with the ideas. Who’s the real nut?” — anonymous, theproblemwithkevin.blogspot.com

“When people travel back in time and talk about the destruction of Las Vegas at the hands of the giant Michael Jacksonbot, it will be frighteningly, devastatingly real. We should pray for the children.” — Scientitian scientitianus.blogspot.com

“If this actually comes to pass, than I will know with absolute certainty that I am no longer living in a sane world.” — darklorest, darklorest.livejournal.com

“Hell, I’ll go to see it.” — Ally, blog.titfuck4free.com

“Hide Your Giant Robot Children.” — technudge.net

Talk: Michael Jackson Robot: imminent reality or pipe dream?


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