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Hanson Heat Up Supper Club

Sounding more like a gym full of manic middle school girls than a concert hall, New York’s Supper Club played host to ’90s teen sensation Hanson. Fueled by a chorus of deafening shrieks and numerous shouts of “I love you,” the band powered through an extended set of fan favorites, including a brief acoustic detour. Songs like “Great Divide” and “You Never Know” elicited an electrical crowd response, yet paled in comparison to the feverish hysteria reached as the opening chords of “MMMBop” unfolded. But the true climax of the show occurred during the encore, as surprise guests Andrew W.K., Adam Green, and an all-ages choir joined the brothers Hanson for a jam-heavy rendition of Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train.” ELIE Z. PERLER / PHOTOS BY DAVE GUSTAV

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We asked: Hanson invited metalhead Andrew W.K. to jam during the encore. What other strange pairing of artists would surprise you most?