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Explosions In The Sky over Austin

Explosions in the Sky is definitely one of the most accurate band names in music today. Touring in support of their latest release, All of the Sudden I Miss Everyone, the post-rock act delivered quite a hypnotic performance at Emo’s Outdoors in Austin. A sold-out crowd, both attentive and awestruck by the overall display of guitar-driven distortion, stood impressed like children gazing up at its first fireworks display. Oohs could be heard over the triumphant booms of percussion. Ahhs exhaled as the twinkle-like, experimental guitar sounds gracefully fell to the ground. Explosions in the Sky, too, seemed lost, eyes closed in a trance-like sway. Songs like “A Poor Man’s Memory” rose from such delicate and easily startled chords to grand arrangements that left the crowd speechless. Explosions in the Sky have no need for lyrics. Words here would be a redundancy. WILL MILLS / PHOTOS BY ERIC UHLIR

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