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Download a New Track from the Old Soul

Luca Maoloni, the architect behind the Toronto eight-piece collective the Old Soul, will be releasing his self-titled U.S. debut on April 17 (Friendly Fire Recordings). Although Maolini writes and records almost all of the Old Soul’s material on his own, he employs seven other musicians in his live act, one of which used to be a member of fellow Toronto indie rockers, Broken Social Scene.

“Nectar of the Nitwit” is constructed with Maoloni’s trademark sharp-witted lyrics and genre-defying composition. It begins as a gypsy polka, settles into a more traditional indie pop structure, and then jumps back and forth between each. Maoloni’s gift for storytelling creates a strong thread throughout the musical jig, as he explains just what he means by “Nectar of the Nitwit” (“You blame the beers/ I blame the dumbass who puts them down his throat”).

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Talk: What is your favorite nitwit nectar?

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