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Despite Truce, Kim Trashes Eminem

It seems the tables have been turned on Mr. Marshall Mathers. His on-again-off- again-on-again-off-again wife Kim Mathers, the subject of numerous scathing Eminem tracks, has continued to talk trash about the Detroit rapper despite the two having agreed to not ridicule each other just one day before. In a court hearing Monday, Eminem, and Kim settled their differences and agreed to stop trashing each other in the media — a popular pastime for both of late — to protect their daughter Hailie’s welfare. But just one day later, Kim was on the air with New York City radio station Hot 97 and had a few harsh words for Eminem. “How many interviews has he done where he’s talking about freedom of speech? I do a couple of interviews and he’s crying like a little girl,” Kim said on the Miss Jones morning show. Furthermore, Kim also accused the 34-year-old MC of being “disconnected from reality.”

And despite living just a mile from each other, Eminem confirms to that that will be closest the two will be getting: “We don’t work good together. It’s not good for the kids.”

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