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The Automatic

Who? Cowbridge, Wales’ the Automatic features vocalist/bassist Rob Hawkins, synth/percussion man Alex Pennie, guitarist James Frost, and drummer Iwan Griffiths. Their debut, Not Accepted Anywhere, was issued in June on B-Unique Records. Having finished the NME Awards Tour in February, the band is on a break, but American audiences can catch them on this summer’s annual Warped Tour June 28-Jul. 24.

What’s the Deal? Hawkins screams through gritted teeth, but a sense of fun is always there as he and the boys thrash through songs like the manic “That’s What She Said,” the radio-baiting “You Shout You Shout You Shout You Shout,” and the enormous “Monster,” which is about either substance abuse or an actual monster, but in any event, rocks hard.

Fun Fact: Fresh out of secondary school, the band members decided to take a gap year to see if they could make it before college. Higher education’s loss is Brit-rock’s gain. The band also reportedly demands a David Hasselhoff shrine at every venue in their rider. Apparently the request has actually been honored on a few occasions. JEFFREY PARKER

Now Hear This: The Automatic – “Raoul” WINDOWS MEDIA | QUICKTIME | REAL

The Automatic – “Monster” WINDOWS MEDIA | QUICKTIME | REAL

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