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Art Brut: ‘It’s a Bit Complicated’

Art Brut have announced the release of It’s a Bit Complicated, the band’s second outing and follow up to their critically acclaimed debut record Bang Bang Rock & Roll, arriving June 26 on the Downtown imprint, Pitchfork reports. While their debut record tackled subject matter such as little brothers, forming bands, and unsatisfactory weekends, It’s a Bit Complicated‘s song titles — including “Nag Nag Nag Nag”, “Direct Hit”, “Pump Up the Volume”, “I Will Survive”, “People in Love”, “Sunday Evening”, and “Post Soothing Out” — hint at fresh perspective, hopefully with frontman Eddie Argos’ sheer wit intact. Argos, having confessed to Pitchfork that It’s a Bit Complicated will feature horns, also mentioned that the new album has him sounding “a little bit older. Even though I’m 27, I’d say I’m about 17 in the songs.”

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