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Try On WinterKids’ ‘Clothes’ for Size

A cheery bunch of Brits from the countryside village of Peaslake, the WinterKids have made their flurries in the U.K. and are poised to blizzard across the U.S. with an upcoming tour, a SXSW appearance, and their first full-length release, Memoirs (out digitally March 5). A quintet of late teen/early twenty-somethings, the Kids replicate the energetic spirit — and heartache — of their formative years. “Somebody Else’s Clothes,” as the band’s singer, James Snider, told, “tells the moving story of someone we know whose broken heart was broken further. After agreeing to meet the girl he loved outside a bar in our local town of Guildford called ‘Fahrenheit,’ he was soon to discover she wouldn’t show up.”

But the WinterKids’ sonic pep, sometimes in the vein of Pulp and the Wedding Present, lightens the mood. The song begins with echoes from three different vocal channels before stitching orchestral pillows of strings under soft acoustic strums. “The lyrics are quite poignant, so when it came to the feel and atmosphere of the track, we wanted to create something striking, powerful, and close-up,” Snider explained. “We set out to build a sound that will draw the listener in by using different vocal parts and a variety of instruments that traditionally we wouldn’t employ.”

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