The Thermals Kick Off Tour

In the band’s latest release, a concept album titled The Body, The Blood, The Machine, singer Hutch Harris imagines a world in which a flimsy political regime is propped up by Christianity. “It’s basically what we have now with Bush,” Harris told before taking the stage with his band last night at Seattle’s Chop Suey. Fueled on that fervor, the band delivered a blistering set to a sold-out crowd of clearly loyal fans. High schoolers and thirty-something banged their heads and collectively moshed to signature Thermals tunes like “No Culture Icons” (off the band’s first album, More Parts Per Million), “How We Know” (off their breakthrough disc, Fuckin A), and their latest album’s “Pillar of Salt.”

With the addition of a second touring guitarist and new drummer Lorin Coleman, Harris and company thrilled fans with their nearly non-stop set; any pause between songs was to thank the crowd profusely for coming to see the show. Among the most polite live bands around, Harris’ pleasantries belied the scathing, anti-establishment lyrics he spewed. TIFFANY WAN / PHOTOS BY JULIA SALAMONIK

We asked: Which Thermals album keeps you warmer at night: More Parts Per Million, Fuckin A or The Body, The Blood, The Machine?


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