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Stephen Marley’s New Redemption Song

The title of Stephen Marley’s debut album, Mind Control, easily evokes images of 1984, whose “Big Brother” has been supplanted in the album’s title track with “Grand Master.” The funk-fueled reggae song touches on a loaded topic — social injustices delivered by way of mental slavery — that the singer told he inherited from his father’s “Redemption Song.”

Still, Marley said he was hesitant to tackle the subject too intensely. “I didn’t get deep into the topic of mind control because I wanted to spoon-feed it to the people,” Marley revealed to “They say the medicine goes down best with a spoonful of sugar — I ease my message to listeners.” Mind Control, which features cameos from Ben Harper, Mos Def, and younger brother Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, will be unleashed via Universal Records March 20.

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