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Sophe Lux

Who? Female-fronted operatic pop band Sophe Lux crept onto the scene in 2004 in Portland with lead singer/songwriter Gwynneth Haynes, bassist/saxophonist Erika Miller, accordionist/ keyboardist/glockenspielist Kelly Goodwin, and drummer Paul Anderson. Since then, the band’s tumbling melodies, trippy lyrics, eclectic instrumental arrangements, and all-out pageantry have dazzled. Waking the Mystics, Sophe Lux’s second full-length, was mixed by Adam Selzer (the Decemberists, M. Ward) and drops via Zarathustra Records.

What’s the Deal? Sophe Lux blend elements of the Dresden Dolls, Queen, a French opera, Ella Fitzgerald, and, yes, Dante to achieve some awesomely bizarre, dark and sweet soundscapes. The collective employs tinkling bells, harpsichords, and carnivalesque accordions as Haynes theatrically croons lyrics inspired by the works of Nietzsche and William Blake. “Fill Me Up with Grace” and “Time of Light” take the jazzy center stage of Waking the Mystics, while “Target Market” and ” Marie Antoinette Robot 2073 (A Rock Opera)” hold down the dreamlike sideshow tent.

Fun Fact:
Haynes was on her college equestrian team and used to drive the team’s van to competitions. EMMA LIND

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