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The Postmarks

Who? Miami newcomers the Postmarks — singer/songwriter Tim Yehezkely, and multi-instrumentalists Christopher Moll and Jonathan Wilkins — are an unconventional trio with a flare for lucid ambience and smooth melodic tones. On their self-titled debut, out via Unfiltered Records, the Nuevo-pop outfit craft enchanting multi-dimensional music melding their poetic creativity with Brian Wilson-esque orchestrations.

What’s the Deal? Surrounded by a cocktail of layered instrumentation, Yehezkely elegantly whisper-sings through melancholy themes of adolescent innocence. With an introspective, yet endearing, lyrical sensibility, the trio’s easily-digested music offers such brutally honest nuggets as “No umbrellas keep out this rain / No soft clouds cushion my pain” (“Watercolors”) and “Drops come through small holes in my eyes / Sound of a thousand heartbeats stopping as I wave goodbye” (“Looks Like Rain”).

Fun Fact: After getting her start as a clarinet/oboe/flute player in fourth grade, Yehezkely never thought being in a rock band was her destiny. “I didn’t see myself being a singer or musician and am self taught for the most part,” she told “I quit [school band] in 8th grade because I got braces and started smoking cigarettes. I don’t smoke any more, though.” ELIE Z. PERLER

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