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Papercuts Slice Out New Track

Though he performs under the moniker Papercuts, no band-aids are required while listening to Jason Quever’s dulcet-toned sophomore album, Can’t Go Back. The lush “Dear Employee” chugs out thick, wispy melodies, even while Quever reflects on a severe and severing story wherein a woman realizes a love affair with her employer must end. “It’s told from the point of view of the rejecting party of a cold affair, but when I sing it, I feel as though I’m the one getting told off,” Quever told “It’s not really about relationships, though. I think it was me telling myself to get it together, move on from the past, and figure out how to be happy, because no one will do it for you. Tough love, as they say.” Gnomonsong label will cut Can’t Go Back March 6.

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