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New Download from David Karsten Daniels

David Karsten Daniels is not just another Southern-bred singer/songwriter strumming in the farmhouse. Though he masters folk standards with buttery vocals over delicate acoustic tones, Daniels’ ensemble of back-up instruments renders his sound entrancingly lush. Sharp Teeth‘s “Jesus and the Devil,” for instance, layers a slide guitar, hushed strings, and a drowsy trombone over acoustic riffs.

“In ‘Jesus and the Devil’ I imagined that the narrator’s problem was not in his unwillingness to choose between between Good and Evil; rather, the narrator was perfectly willing to try to be good if only he could actually see any distinction between the two,” Daniels told “Of course, for me the song isn’t really about spiritual matters; when I think about people trying to get along, be they lovers or nations, I don’t see black hats and white hats so much as I see a real disconnect between different viewpoints. That’s kinda what Sharp Teeth is about.”

Fat Cat Records brandishes Sharp Teeth on Feb. 23.

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