My Chemical Romance Create a Flurry in Philly!

Mega-poppy punk rock melded with pyrotechnics and cannonballs ofconfetti tonight at Temple University’s Liacouras Center as the BlackParade began its march across the U.S. Although it was practicallyimpossible to hear the haunting lyrics and guitar riffs above the soundof the 12-year-old girls screaming their hearts out and declaring theirundying love for their band member of choice, when My Chemical Romancebroke into Welcome to the Black Parade, the entire arenaerupted. Even the mothers perched behind their beloved daughtersadorned in studs, wrist bands, and black eye liner couldn’t helpthemselves but to bop their heads along to the catchy beat.

Asthe city became blanketed with snow and the entire country sat glued infront of their TV’s checking out whether or not Martin Scorsese wouldbe snubbed by the academy again, MCR and Chicago’s Rise Against weregreeted with absolute fervor by the youth of the city of brotherlylove. BECCA LANE / PHOTOS BY JAMES HAMILTON

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We asked: In the spirit of the Oscars, which genre of film would you like to see My Chemical Romance perform in?


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