Morrissey Picks Eternal Resting Spot

Further establishing his throne as the king of mope, Morrissey has chosen a location to be buried, U.K.’s The Daily Express reports. Moz is reportedly seeking a plot near that of Johnny Ramone at Los Angeles celebrity cemetery Hollywood Forever. “I like that cemetery. I stumbled across Johnny Ramone’s stone and thought it was very nicely placed,” he told The Daily Express. “I sat there for a long time and I felt quite good about it. It was nice his bones were under the soil I was sitting on. So yeah, that’s my spot.”

Morrissey, who is considering putting money down to reserve the plot, relayed to the paper he approaches the subject of mortality sincerely. “Death is a serious thing, certainly not to be sneezed at,” he said. We won’t have to wait to hear Mozzer’s final a-choo to know what his epitaph will read, as the singer revealed he doesn’t want anything poetically elegizing his career: “I want nothing other than name, birth date, death date.”

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