Manimal Vinyl to Release Madonna Covers Album

Los Angeles’ Manimal Vinyl has announced the release of Through the Wilderness, a Madonna covers album featuring contributions from Devendra Banhart, Giant Drag, Lavender Diamond, and VietNam, among others. The album will be available in September or October, and 25-percent of all its profits will be donated to an as-yet-unannounced African AIDS charity, label head Paul Beahan confirmed to

Through the Wilderness, Manimal Vinyl’s 3rd project to date, stemmed from a nighttime epiphany. “The Madonna tribute came to me in a dream last fall, and I immediately started making calls and emails to Winter Flowers, Chapin Sisters, and Devendra Banhart asking them to record a song for it,” Beahan revealed to And although the he doesn’t consider himself a passionate Madonna follower, Beahan was intrigued as to how the Material Girl’s tunes would sound re-worked by the eclectic squad of acts. “Devendra hasn’t picked a song yet, but he’s trying to find the most obscure Madonna song out there,” Beahan said. And there still may be a few additions to the album’s tracklisting: “I’m still trying to get to get Cat Power and Thurston Moore.”

Confirmed tracks for Through the Wilderness:

Giant Drag – “Of Father”
Winter Flowers – “Live to Tell”
Bat for Lashes (w/Moon and Moon) – “Justify My Love”
The Chapin Sisters – “Borderline”
VietNam – “Human Nature”
Little Death – “Like a Virgin”
Women and Children – “Burning Up”
Golden Animals – “Beautiful Stranger”
Lavender Diamond – “Like a Prayer”
Jonathan Wilson – “La Isla Bonita”
Siddhartha – “Holiday”
Alexandra Hope – “Lucky Star”
The Pangaeans – “Secret”
Apollo Heights – “Dress You Up”
The Tyde – “Hung Up”
Mountain Party – “Material Girl”

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