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Les Breastfeeders

Who? Montreal’s francophone sextuplet Les Breastfeeders (Luc Brien, Suzie McLeLove, Joe, Sunny Duval, Johnny Maldoror, and Fred Fortin) released their debut, Dejeuner sur l’herbe, in 2004. After unleashing their lively road act on Quebec, they started grabbing attention outside their native province — and tongue. With a second album, Les matins de grand soirs, about to be released Stateside, things are going to get downright bilingual.

What’s the Deal? Contrary to popular belief, lyrics need not be understood to be appreciated. To wit: if you can’t decode the rough-and-tumble francais of Les Breastfeeders, don’t fret. Just enjoy the good, old fashioned garage-rock, which they sling like a fat smoked meat sandwich (scratching your head? Go to Montreal). If Les Matins were all garage numbers it would get old fast, but luckily things stay fresh with the mannered, sexy vocals of McLeLove, who pops to the forefront every few songs to calm les hommes. Highlight “Funny Funiculaire” bounces with easy momentum, “Qui a deux femmes?” is Sonic Youth through a looking glass, and the beat-driven bagpipes on “Septembre sous le pluie” will make you run through the streets declaring your joie de vivre.

Fun Fact: McLeLove’s vocals may find their roots in France’s y�-y� movement of the early sixties. Y�-y� mainly featured female singers crooning Beatles-style pop, and became popular after being used in the films of Jean-Luc Godard. KAITLIN FONTANA

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