JetBlue’s ‘Customer Bill of Rights’

Last week, icy weather across the Northeast brought travel to a standstill, and for some JetBlue passengers — including two Spin staffers — the winter conditions delivered a miserable 10-hour stint inside planes at New York City’s JFK Airport. Furthermore, the weather ignited a virtual company-wide meltdown that resulted in 1,000 canceled flights and tons of stranded passengers. After public outcry, JetBlue CEO David Neeleman issued a Customer Bill of Rights for the airline that outlined numerous nationwide modifications in hopes of ensuring that such a debacle never occurs again. Even better, Neeleman highlighted a sliding scale financial reparation system for delayed flights.

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Here’s what past, present, and potential passengers are saying about the bill on YouTube:

“I just bought some JetBlue stock.” — npbrown82

“Where is the cash…that is more of a silencer.” — Torkhum

“Great leadership! And I’m not being sarcastic. Sometimes we all in life, business or elsewhere, can run into these really hard bumps that sends us for that major shake up. And JetBlue is taking initiative to do its best not to let this happen again. I’ll be flying JetBlue.” — Chickengai

“The travel industry in all aspects, cars, hotels, and planes were affected by the weather. So you sat on a plane for eight hours instead of dying in a crash. Cry me a river.” — 911CMS420YO

“Not good enough. Passengers still have to be stuck on a plane for FIVE HOURS before JetBlue will get them off. Two hours, tops, is all people should be forced to sit on a grounded plane.” — Filegirl

“I wouldn’t be surprised if JetBlue goes out of business,” — TknHappyNess

“Everyone is bashing these airlines but the bottom line is that you have to pay for good service.” — Pongman

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