Guns N’ Roses Get ‘Better’ Reception

A year ago, we imagined what this record might sound like (read more). But earlier this week, Guns N’ Roses diehards and haters gasped as a polished version of the band’s new track, “Better,” leaked across the web. Could this be the first single from the eon-in-the-making album Chinese Democracy?

GNR disciples remember when the song surfaced nearly a year ago and point to the new, glossy version as evidence of progress towards the album’s imminent release. But as soon “Better” was posted, sites hosting the MP3 were forced to remove it. claimed they were asked to take down the track by the band’s management. Still, legions were able to nab the song and are now sounding off.

Here’s what fans, skeptics, and Spinsiders are saying about “Better”:

“The previous leaks from the mythical beast that is Chinese Democracy were underwhelming, but the fact that ‘Better’ is, by all accounts, the true, bona fide First Single raised hopes — that are dashed the moment you hear the no-longer-nu-metal sheen, patently designed to drain the song of any character. At this point, no one expected ‘Rocket Queen,’ but we would have settled for ‘In the Garden.’ The biggest fear surrounding Axl’s opus is that its elusiveness will ultimately be the only interesting thing about it — ‘Better’ does nothing to allay that fear. Fourteen more years!” — Spin Deputy Editor Steve Kandell

“Obviously no song is so good that it’d be worth waiting 13 years to hear. Not even ‘In the Mouth a Desert’ by Pavement. But I’ll admit to being somewhat impressed by “Better.” I’m not saying it’s good, but I can’t help but be amused to listen to it.” — Byroncrawford,

“It is — how can I put this? — fucking great. The melody’s great, the groove’s great, the unexpected smooth slinky feel is great. It’s just great is all. The breakdown/bridge part in the middle, that I could live without, but the rest is solid.” —

“It was inappropriately entitled ‘Better.’ Sounds like Axl’s spent the last 15 years listening to too much 30 Seconds to Mars. Seriously, Axl…we’ve waited this long and the best you could do is this techno-influenced emo rubbish?” — You Like Sex with Death?,

“The mix was too poppy, too Axl Rose-by-way-of-Justin Timberlake. It sucked all the edge and life out of the demo we’ve all been listening to for the past year.” — ar,

“You know what this means. The CD release is imminent! It’s finally here!” — princessmerbear,

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Talk: Does “Better” nourish your appetite for destruction or starve all hope?


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