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Elliott Smith Collection Announced

Record label Kill Rock Stars has announced the May 8 release of New Moon, a two-disc collection of songs by late melancholy pop troubadour Elliott Smith. Smith, who died in 2003, recorded all New Moon tunes between 1994-1997, the period he penned his definitive self-titled and Either/Or albums. Kill Rock Stars will also release New Moon on vinyl. An unspecified portion of the album’s profits will benefit Outside In, a Portland-based organization aiding homeless youth. To date, the coroner has been unable to determine the cause of Smith’s death, and the investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department remains open.

New Moon tracklisting:

Disc One:

1. “Angel in the Snow”
2. “Talking to Mary”
3. “High Times”
4. “New Monkey”
5. “Looking Over My Shoulder”
6. “Going Nowhere”
7. “Riot Coming”
8. “All Cleaned Out”
9. “First Timer”
10. “Go By”
11. “Miss Misery” (Early Version)
12. “Thirteen”

Disc Two:

1. “Georgia Georgia”
2. “Whatever” (Folk Song in C)
3. “Big Decision”
4. “Placeholder”
5. “New Disaster”
6. “Seen How Things Are Hard”
7. “Fear City”
8. “Either/Or”
9. “Pretty Mary K” (Other Version)
10. “Almost Over”
11. “See You Later”
12. “Half Right”

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