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Eleni Mandell Seeks ‘Twin’

Los Angeles chanteuse Eleni Mandell weaves a smoky barroom undertow a la troubadour Tom Waits on “My Twin,” a velvety, bluesy ballad off fifth album Miracle of Five (out Feb. 6). By twin she doesn’t mean Mary-Kate and Ashley or Danny and Arnold; rather, the singer/songwriter seeks her one-and-only, the other half who will make her complete: “I believe my twin’s out there and he’s looking for me / Sharp and quick, he’ll complement my slow, dull existence.”

Mandell told she wrote the sultry slow-burner in the early morning light in her living room. “From all around the world the news was bad and I started to wonder if I’d ever find my true love (my twin!), or if he happened to be aboard that train that derailed in the middle of nowhere, on it’s way to somewhere,” she conjectured. “The song is dark but always with a wink…maybe he didn’t burn in the fire. Maybe he’s right here.”

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