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Conflict with Iran Heats Up

Earlier this week, the Bush administration claimed to have uncovered solid proof that Iran is supporting Shiite militias in Iraq. The reports focused on roadside bombs utilized by guerillas, the same explosive devices responsible for scores of American deaths in Iraq. Since then, tension has intensified, as the U.S. has sent a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf while Iran has countered with successful testing of land-to-sea cruise missiles.

And after Bush said unblinkingly he’d take steps in the fraught region to ensure national security — “If Iran escalates its military action in Iraq to the detriment of our troops and/or innocent Iraqi people we will respond firmly,” he told NPR — bloggers across the web debated the validity of the President’s eerily familiar justifications for heading to war.

Here’s what politically-minded bloggers are saying about the situation with Iran:

“Sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? Like, WMD in Iraq, for example?” — aichmetes,

“Why are Democrats trying to scare the American people into believing that President Bush is trying to ‘trick’ us into a war with Iran? The President and everyone who understands the situation know that we are not in a posture to invade Iran.” — snafuy2k4,

“I predict that we will find (or manufacture) provocation to invade or bomb Iran before Bush leaves office. Opening a third front will undoubtedly require reinstating the draft. The new draft will include both men and women and will also include college students. If you are currently enrolled in college courses the new draft will wait till your current semester ends before taking you. A new great war will unfold. Russia has been helping Iran build nuclear power plants and would probably be unhappy about the U.S. blowing them up. Though Russia’s military is not what it once was, she still has access to countless nuclear weapon from the cold war arms race. The current administration has made it clear that using nuclear weapons in a strike against Iran is an option.” — cognitive dissonance,

“If Iran IS supplying bombs to militants, something must be done…a country can’t go to war with us without return action…only if Bush IS true, which no one will believe anyways.” — Narcy,

“At this point, unless the Chimp (Bush) shows me pictures of Ahmedinejad riding a bomb like Slim Pickens, I ain’t gonna believe shit coming from the White House. There’s 3,100 new markers in Arlington and we still haven’t found Saddam’s WMD. How many more lives are we gonna waste looking for Ahmedinejad’s?” — alternatebrain,

Talk: Do you believe Iran is supplying Iraqi Shiite militants with munitions?