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Busdriver Slams Out ‘Roadkill’

Before rocking Beantown’s McGann’s Pub Saturday night, L.A. alt-rap trend avoider Busdriver sipped coffee and slung copies of his new Roadkill Overcoat to beer-drained hipster-hop fanatics. But when he jumped onstage, double-fisting microphones, the Project Blowed icon stumbled off the wagon, kicked off his loafers, and erupted into one of his trademark rhyme conniptions. Though he came equipped with just one CD turntable and a sound effect foot pedal, Bus properly animated digitally-lubed joints such as “Kill Your Employer” and “Avantcore,” while simultaneously showboating his tightly wound mic mechanics and extraterrestrial sense of humor. “I do the shit that I shouldn’t do,” Bus said. “And I do it for the sake of this pub.” STORY AND PHOTOS BY CHRIS FARAONE

We asked: If Busdriver wasn’t a rapper, what would he do for a living?