Bobby Conn’s Not Just ‘Anybody’

As much as we enjoy the operatic psychedelia of Chicago glam-popper Bobby Conn, listening to his music without getting a glimpse of his gloriously garish ensembles would be like eating a gourmet feast with a clothespin over your nose. Conn, to his credit, seems to recognize this, and conceived his current album King for a Day, as he put it in a statement, as “a soundtrack for a grainy, blurry movie.” Not one to let his vision languish, Conn said “soon the record will be a soundtrack to its own movie.”

Filming multiple videos of each song, three are included on his album, with forthcoming clips to be released episodically on various sites like YouTube and MySpace. The sprawling falsettos and manic instrumental breakdowns of “Anybody” haven’t yet been filmed, but listening to the track, one can only imagine what Conn, with his Hedwig beauty regimen and Mick Jagger mug, will turn out. Conn’s King for a Day is currently reigning on Thrill Jockey Records.

Now Hear This:
Bobby Conn – “Anybody” DOWNLOAD MP3

Bonus! Watch Bobby’s Bowie-esque video for “King For a Day,” straight from the Velvet Goldmine:

Talk: Does “King” Bobby rule, or did he leave you feeling conned?

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