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Bobby Brown, Diddy Daddy Drama

Although R&B singer Bobby Brown may not support his children financially, he certainly never misses a sporting event. For the second time, Brown has been arrested while watching his daughter compete in a cheerleading competition, The Associated Press reports. The most recent arrest occurred Sunday night at Canton, MA’s Attleboro High School and stems from a warrant issued for Brown’s failure to appear at a child support hearing last fall. The singer was also arrested last March during his daughter’s competition for minor motor-vehicle violations. Brown, currently behind bars, has been ordered to remain in jail until $19,100 in overdue monies have been paid to his former girlfriend, Kim Ward.

Ah, like father like son. At just 12 years old, Diddy’s youngster Justin Combs has already exposed traits proving he was not adopted. According to photos posted on, Combs was seen exercising his inherited babe magnetism at an unidentified club, which resulted in a much older lady grindin’ his pre-pubescent midsection like a slab o’ meat in a burger factory.

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