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Barr’s Singularly Stellar Song, Video

Like a less gravelly Buck 65, spoken-word pseudo-rapper Barr (ne Brendan Fowler) takes on his inadequacies on “This Song Is the Single,” the bass-heavy lead track off upcoming album Summary (out Feb. 20 via Kill Rock Stars). In the song’s video, Barr wanders across Los Angeles overpasses, delivering deadpan lines reflecting on his own sub-par song: “The drums are fully shaky but the bass is more tight…The song is the single and the single sucks / It never sounded good / It always sounded bad.” But despite his growing list of histrionic plaints — including an “Armageddon breakup” and a bout of death-defying illness — Barr boasts some spurts of sensibility: “The timing was bad / But there’s never a good time…It happens.”

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