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The Academy Is… School Irving Plaza

Perhaps so excited to take the stage for the first time in six months, the Academy Is… had virtually every member of the sold-out crowd — which was primarily comprised of under-21s and the parents they dragged with them — transfixed in a cyclical motion of singing, fist-pumping, and pogo-ing. Charismatic frontman William Beckett danced like a dervish, leaping about the stage, slapping his skinny-jeaned thighs, scaling the drummer’s platform and brandishing the mic stand like a drum major during “Black Mamba.” Showgoers squealed with glee over songs like “Slow Down,” “Attention,” and new tracks “LAX to O’Hare” and “We’ve Got a Big Mess On Our Hands,” both off our upcoming album Santi, due in April.

Much to the delight of the weary-looking moms waiting in the lobby, the show wrapped before midnight, a reasonable hour on a school night. “New York City!” bellowed Beckett to his reverent young fans. “Did you miss us as much as we missed you?” Judging by the band’s reception, yes, yes it did. TRICIA SUMMERS / PHOTOS BY TERA BARNUM

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We asked: The Academy Is… frontman William Beckett’s former signature was wearing a bandanna tied around his left leg during shows. What’s your signature accessory?