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The Weather

Now that Old Man Winter has officially announced his grand entrance across the U.S., conversing over the weather has graduated from conversational filler to conversational centerpiece. And for many in the online community, the chat’s epicenter rests with the season’s first piece of decisive evidence on the ‘net: An amusing ice-cold car wreck caught on tape. Notching in as one of the web’s most viewed videos of the day, the icy mishap in Portland, OR depicts a slippery-sloped street as numerous cars enter a pinball machine of steel, snow, and ice. Watch as Northwesterners bear the frosty conditions and wish for more comprehensive car insurance. But remember, NASCAR season is just around the corner and is guaranteed to fulfill all unsatisfied collision cravings.

Now Watch This:

Here’s what YouTubers are saying about the car’s icy debacle:

“I’d probably have bailed, I dont think you’d even get me on a hill in a car on ice!” — Elmolvies

“The Northwest’s version of Tokyo Drift, hell yeah.” — evryting

“Why is the person in the first crash continuing to rev the engine and trying to keep driving? Most people would quit with the accelerator, but they were making things worse. I’d just park my car in a field away from other cars before I crashed and walk home in the cold. It’s better than dealing with all insurance hassles.” — myron73

“Now that’s icy. I’ve never seen anything like that and I really live up north.” — missgamble

“I feel sorry for the car owners but man that sh*t is so so so funny!” — driftnut

“That’s like curling :)” — pellepelle9

“A bunch of kids pissed all over the street a few hours before this happened.” — Intellexx

“Living in the Northwest these people should know how to drive in ice/snow. What a bunch of morons, that first guy looked like he/she was pushing on the gas when he/she was out of control, i’m guessing that’s a hill, bunch of hippies that can’t drive, stick to your bikes.” — themange59

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