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Tomorrow Knows French Kicks, Eagle*Seagull

Chicago’s Schuba’s Tavern served up a pop smorgasbord at the “Tomorrow Never Knows 2007” opening. Nebraska-natives Eagle*Seagull kicked off the night with an explosive, engaging set: Eli Mardock’s vocals were raw and desperate, matched by rapid, chaotic instrumentals. Songs like “Photograph” poured out earnest piano and guitar, slowing down only to climax again.

Headliners the French Kicks delivered melodies dreamier than the emotionally-charged ones of Eagle*Seagull. Lead guitarist Josh Wise gushed melodic oohs and ahhs, and frontman Nick Stumpf did his part to sugarcoat the crowd with his buttery croon. The set was hardly the trial of the century, but at least for a night, tomorrow didn’t matter. ANDREA HART / PHOTOS BY KAREN CHAN

New Video from Eagle*Seagull
French Kicks Kick Out New Video

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