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Saddam’s Death Incites Debate

As most the world’s population kissed 2006 goodbye and toasted glasses of champagne Sunday night, Saddam Hussein climbed a steel staircase at a U.S. military base and prepared to meet his death at the end of a rope.

But amidst the chanting ridicule and well-secured dungeon like gallows no one suspected that a cell phone wielding supervisor would capture the late dictator’s final moments of life. Just hours post execution bloggers couldn’t believe their eyes as they were handed front row seats to the death of one of the world’s most notorious figures.

In light of the video, the blogosphere has heated up with debate over the ethics of Hussein’s execution and the grotesque video broadcasting. As bootleg copies sell on the streets of Baghdad while others denounce the gruesome video, it seems Hussein’s execution video can divide us at our moral base. Where do you weigh in?

Here’s what the blogosphere had to say:

“This is a horrible world” — Natanzuelo,

“Who ever is responsible for the video should be shot immediately. YouTube should delete the video. An execution is not a material to be shown in the internet” — Akaflieger,

“It’s about time they did this. It took long enough to get his ass executed- he should have be gone a LONG time ago” — PrincessSerenity143,

“Death penalty its so ignorant, with the death he doesn’t pay for him crimes, and his death contributed to the elevation of violence, terrorism and hate in the world, no one wins with his death.” — Rafaelesperidia,

“Great video, they should televise the execution of all war crime criminals, including Bush!” — Methascopheles14,

“I please ask everyone: DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! It is insulting and embarrassing to see people everywhere watching this and glorifying death. I am posting here to make a plea and I have not watch the video nor have any wish for it so don’t bug me with that.” — Cdle007,

“I’m glad that he was hung, after all he did deserve it.” — Robbiexfanx1,