President Bush Addresses Nation

When President George Bush took the podium at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last night, he addressed a national concern of monumental proportions: Iraq. As allied efforts continue to fall short in the socially and politically evolving country, more and more American citizens are questioning the U.S.’s role, and more importantly, their country’s sacrifices in the war-ravaged area. In his address, President Bush blamed himself for any shortcomings and detailed a new angle to control the web-like infrastructure of Iraq’s insurgency, requesting the allocation of over 20,000 troops to Iraq.

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted following the President’s speech, 61 percent polled oppose sending additional troops to Iraq, and of them, 52 percent “strongly” oppose the force increase. 36 percent of those polled support Bush’s plan.

Americans are sounding off. Will Bush’s new war plan aid Iraq?

“Please, for the sake of us all, stop regarding your Presidents as some sort of God. We are beginning to witness the faint hope that at last you are all waking up to the fact that sometimes Presidents get it terribly, terribly wrong…Find some other commodity, except war, to sustain your economy.” Alf Morely,

“If the benchmarks aren’t met, we’ll…um…we’ll…set some new benchmarks! That’ll show ’em we mean business.” Kevin Drum,

“Once again last night the President let down his supporters. The addition of 20,000 American troops is a continuation of his earlier policy. If Iraq is so important why only 20,000 troops?” Steven G,

“The central and most glaring contradiction is the implied threat to walk away…Yoked to the ringing declaration that, of course, we can’t walk away.” John Derbyshire,

“Impeachment is the only way to stop the madness.” Ghostwriter,

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